Published Works and Speaking Engagements

  • Effective Advocacy (panel moderator w/C.Baruch, L.Doss, R.Rowan, Hon. A.McClure–40th Annual Advanced Family Law
    Course, 08/16)
  • Practice Before the Courts of Appeal (40th Annual Advanced Family Law Course, 08/16)
  • Family Case Law Update (State Bar College 17th Annual Summer School 08/15)
  • Trends in the Appellate Courts (39th Annual Advanced Family Law Course, 08/15)
  • Specifics of Family Law Appeals (State Bar College 17th Annual Summer School 07/15)
  • Constitutional Issues and Family Law (w/R. Tillery and B. Hearn, Speaker, Bill of Rights Seminar 05/15)
  • Post Trial/Appeals (Panel, Advanced Family Law Seminar 08/14)
  • Appellate Staff Attorney CLE (Speaker, Texas A&M School of Law, 06/14)
  • Family Law Appeals (Speaker, Soaking Up Some CLE 05/14)
  • Case Law Update—SAPCR (Speaker, Advanced Family Law Seminar 08/12, 08/13)
  • Case Law Update—Property (Speaker, Marriage Dissolution Seminar, 04/09, 05/10, 04/11, 04/13)
  • Texas Bar Journal–Year in Review: Family Law 2010-2014—Vols. 74-77, No. 1 (Jan. 2011-14)
  • Family Law Appeals and Accelerated Appeals (Speaker, Appellate Nuts and Bolts 2.0—7th Court of Appeals 08/12)
  • Family Law and Other Accelerated Appeals (Speaker, Handling Your First Appeal 02/12)
  • Preserving Error and Preparing for an Appeal (Speaker, CPS Advanced Topics Fall Seminar 11/11)
  • Appellate and Post-Trial Motions (Speaker, Advanced Family Drafting Seminar, Dec. 2010)
  • Cases to Consider in Calculating Net Resources for Child Support, Texas Lawyer (Aug. 9, 2010)
  • Appellate Practice from Every Angle (Panel, Advanced Family Law Seminar 08/10, 08/11) (Article 08/12)
  • Family Law Case Law Update, Associate Judge’s Conference, Texas Center for the Judiciary 07/10
  • Preserving the Record from Every Angle: The Art of Preserving the Record Throughout Your Case, Not Just During the Trial
    (Speaker w/Chief Justice Linda Thomas, 2009 Advanced Family Law Seminar, (08/09)
  • Family Law Appeals—Looking Outside the TRAPs and TCRP (Dallas Bar Association Headnotes 08/09)
  • TFC v. TRAP: Hidden Appellate Traps in the Texas Family Code and How to Use Them to Your Advantage
    (Speaker, Soaking Up Some CLE, a South Texas Litigation Seminar, 05/08)
  • Appellate and Evidentiary Issues: Post-Trial Motions (Speaker, Advanced Family Law Drafting Course, 12/08).
  • Dealing with the Death of a Parent (Speaker, UT Parent-Child Relationships Conference, 11/07)
  • Avoiding an Appeal (Speaker, 29th Annual Marriage Dissolution Seminar, 04/06)
  • Post-Trial Practice in Family Law/Tex. Family Law Practice Manual (Speaker, 2005 Poverty Law Conf., 04/05)
  • Objections, Predicates, and Preservation of Error (Speaker, 2004 Ultimate Trial Notebook, 12/04)
  • Family/Juvenile Law Case Update (Speaker, 2004 Tex. Center for the Judiciary Annual Conf., 09/04)
  • Best Interest of the Child (Speaker, 2004 Tex. Center for the Judiciary Winter Regional Conf., 02/04)
  • Mandamus and Accelerated Appeals (Speaker, 2003 Advanced Family Law Seminar, 08/03).
  • New & Creative Uses of the Family Practice Manual (Speaker, 26th Annual Marriage Dissolution Sem., 05/03)
  • Multiple chapters and portions of chapters in Family Law Expert Witness Manual (08/99)

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